Why use Fly Screens?

Because of climatic changes flies, wasps and bluebottles, to mention a few, are becoming an ever increasing problem. In hospitals, factories, school, restaurants and even the family home, anywhere with open windows, the possibility of being stung or of bluebottles landing on food is a reason for windows to be closed.
Wasp stings are dangerous and can even cause death. That open can of juice on the sideboard - has a wasp gotten in to it un-noticed? If so with what consequences to the person drinking it. Uncovered food that the bluebottle lands on - where was he before that ? Was he on animal droppings? It only takes seconds for it to deposit larva on the food which can in turn if consumed hatch in the intestines and cause vomiting and diarrhoea.

A study by the University of Michigan had come out against the use of insectocuters. It found that the air in the vicinity if the IOC can be infectious. The recommendation by the University is to ensure that all bins etc containing waste food have proper lids. Food should be kept in sealed containers and windows have sealed fly screens.